This program is meant for those who have ideas and investment capability, but no time to execute.

We can:

1. provide people to run your show, and

2. arrange for all the resources required

HachTeq can take care of your business right from registering your business entity, recruitment, etc., up till after-sales-service.

Or we can just deliver just a few of those that you want to transfer to us, so you can concentrate on your core competencies. Or you can just use our space/seats to house your people.

Seamless Communication Facilities

We have seamless communication facilities built into the system, and you can communicate with your people, whereever you are. And even see them - anytime.

Draw from HachTeq ISO 9001 Process and Policy Framework

Your people work as an extension of our organization, and so can share ISO 9001 compliant policy and process framework without having to set things up.

Complete IT infrastructure

We also have complete IT infrastructure that you can just plug and play. You may choose to use desktops/servers on the cloud, those within our facility, or a combination of both.

All under one Roof

All under one roof, and no absolutely no hassles. All services ordered and tracked at one point - your secretary in HachTeq. You can reach her over phone, email, chat or ticketing system.

And to top it all, our facility is located right in the heart of Bangalore, on Koramangala 100ft Ring Road. You can just hop in as you pass by - it is on the way most of the times, if you live in South Bangalore

If you would like to know more details please contact us, and we will be eager to work with you.