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Cost effective business incubator office space:

Hachteq is offering a low cost, affordable virtual office to start-ups & small businesses where they can mutually help each other. Our tech-enabled solutions and tools with the best business ideas will accelerate and sustain the success of any startups or early-stage companies.

HachTeq business incubator process will coordinate for most of the services to be provided in-house.
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Complete Cloud Support
Are you working in the area of CLOUD COMPUTING with the best startup incubators?
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Launchpad Offer
Our business incubation services are pleased to offer the complete start-up package.
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Turn Key Solutions
This business incubator program is meant for those who have ideas and investment capability, but no time to execute.
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We provide startup incubator with world class infrastructure, compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Looking for the best startup incubators in your area? HachTeq is offering a cost-effective business incubator space (virtually) to start-ups & early stage companies where they can mutually help each other. Our mission is to create jobs and wealth through entrepreneurship and to provide unparalleled opportunities for the self-motivated community. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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Services/ Tie up with Service Providers
End to End Services
Virtual Office Solution
*Selection of startups is for inclusion in a business incubator business plan is completely at the discretion of HachTeq Management.

Virtual Office Services & Support

Our virtual office solutions, where you do not occupy any seats physically, but can avail a rainbow of services remotely or virtually. The advantage of virtual office space is that you can have virtual office address anywhere and your business calls can be answered by a receptionist with our virtual office phone service. The fee starts from $100 p.m per organization.

Supercharge Conversions with Our End to End Business Incubation Services

Assistance for all business incubator activities, including validation of concept, management and technical mentoring, arranging for capital, company initiation services, infrastructure, support services, global marketing will be provided for start-ups. Many of the services will be provided by HachTeq or by co-located start-ups with convenience and preferential rates.

Startup Help – Option to be Hachteq Employees

Startup teams have an option to be employees of HachTeq until their company breaks even, however with no financial liability to HachTeq or CompetenSys. This will ensure that there is no logical break in the career of entrepreneurs in case the venture fails. We will help to come up with the best startup business ideas to get employees easily. There will be no restrictions for companies to break away any point in time, this option can be availed at the complete discretion of startups.

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Expert support
Team HachTeq is pleased to provide complete organizational support.
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Option for Pursuing part-time MBA 
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Option to be HachTeq employees
start-ups get employees easily.
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Virtual Office Service Providers

Our tie-ups with various service providers ensure that you get all the business incubation services at your convenience. The services mentioned in the ‘Facilities’ section is available from the comforts of the Hachteq campus. All the services are provided on a shared cost mode/ preferential rates with virtual office support.

Our mission is to create jobs and wealth through entrepreneurship and to provide the best virtual office opportunities for the self-motivated community. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.
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Detailed Case Analysis Helps to Provide Virtual Office Cost Structure

For self-funded startup help, the fee will start from $200 per month per seat. For startups backed by HachTeq, there are no monthly charges for startups. We also intend to start multiple facilities in the near future, some more economical and others more sophisticated.

Upcoming Facilities to Every Client is Vital for Our Business Incubator Agency

We are planning other virtual office support facilities all around New Jersey. Another facility is being planned in 225 College, Dr. Edison, New Jersey (pure commercial premises). So please wait for further notification on this site. Please forward any interest in these upcoming facilities, and location of your interest to