Virtual Startup Pitch Competition
for HachTeq 2020 Intake

5 Startups to Win a Funding of $15,000* Each

All Startups That Apply Will be Accepted for Virtual Incubation.

Due date October 25, 2020


How to Apply

Fill out the form below to apply for a slot to pitch. Space for pitching companies is limited.

  • Totally Virtual competition.
  • You do not need to appear in person and there is no physical venue or event.
  • Just share your pitch deck and a video recording of you pitching.
  • It cannot be uploaded on our website, but you must upload it on Slide Share / YouTube and update the URL in your company profile at
  • Your are free to use other sites to upload, if our panel is able to download. If a login is required, make sure you share the credentials along with the URL
  • You should be a resident in the country you are applying from, and legally allowed to work
  • HachTeq is industry agnostic
  • Those who apply in advance will have a better chance to win, as our judges will have more time to review them


Crowd-sourcing Credit Worth - $15K

Pitch your ideas online to to get potential investment, partnership or exposure.

  • 5 winners will be selected and will receive a maximum of $ 15,000 (in services) from HachTeq /partners in exchange for a participation of 3 to 8%.
  • This will be apart from any investment that you may be offered by accredited investors who may be part of this exercise.
  • All the startups applying will be accepted to our program, though they may not get funding.
  • Any funding is to be used for building your MVP. It cannot be used for your own salaries or personal expenses, or renting out office / outlet premises, unless explicitly agreed by the investor.
  • All startups that apply will be accepted in our free virtual incubation program, but funding may not be guaranteed.

Terms & Conditions


This may be a side-hustle, but should be able to show commitment. (If you are working on your startup full time, no financial commitment is required. However, if you have another engagement / day job, you may have to show your investment, unless you are able to contribute 15 hours a week.)

Preseed Startup

The startup should not have raised more than $ 50,000 in funding.


Any decisions made by HachTeq Evaluation Board will be final and no discussions will be entertained on the same.


October 25

Applications closed


November 5

Finalists announced.

November 18

Start of the 2020 cohort


November 30

End of cohort

* Any amount mentioned is for crowdsourcing. Although investors can also invest as a fund, this is not guaranteed.

How to Register

Create your company profile on

*Check this question at the bottom of your profile: Are you looking to apply for HachTeq CrowdSourcing?